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Tablet press and accessoiries


Tablet press FROGERAIS OA eccentric

Model OA
Serie number 44248400
Year : 1982
Weight ca. (Kg): 550
Machine description:

Excentric tablet press FROGERAIS

Type OA

Actually equiped with a triple punches oblong 7,5x3,6mm

Maxi pressure 8 000daN

Maxi diameter 20mm

Theorical Speed (tablet/hour):

   With a single punche from 14 to 20mm: 3120 tab/h

   With doucle punches from 9,5 to 13,5mm: 6 240 tab/h

   With triple punches from3 to 9mm: 9 360 tab/h

   With 5 punches from3 to 6mm: 15 600 tab/h

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