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Capsule machine semi automatic MULTIGEL MC 100

Model MC 100
Serie number 1996
Year : 1996
Machine description:

capsule orientator and capsule filling machine - semi automatic

220 volt / 50HZ / 60 watt / 33kg

Speed around 2 500 to 3 200 capsules / hour

Studied for the galenic laboratory of the Pharmacy, the MC 100 system is made up of an orientator and of a capsule filling machine mounted on the same conveniently sized base that can fit on any work table.
The capsule fitting machine is equipped with a vibrating plate and clamps to facilitate processing the powders and the full range of accessories allows to process of capsule sizes, both traditional
and DB Caps.
The orientator does not require any maintenance operations and cleaning the parts of the filling machine that come in contact with the powders is extremely easy.
The MC-50 is also available upon request, with the same structure and the same characteristics
as the MC-100, but intended for the small productivity of 50 capsules.


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